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The communications design plan for a multi-tenant building is vital to the success of the property. A mistake during this phase of the building could lead to disastrous connectivity issues and costly retro-fit work for your tenants. DMI Technologies has helped many developers with design assist and full implementations of communications, multi-media, distributed antenna systems, and security solutions.

Our team has over 5 decades of experience in connectivity solutions for multi-tenant buildings. We offer advancements in technology that will increase sellable space and help to reduce operating expense for the entire building. Ask us how we can help get your new development or remodel up to speed with the latest technology and quality solutions that will keep your tenants connected.

DMI Multi Tenant Solutions


  • Design Assist
  • Tenant Buildout
  • Security and Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Audio/Video solutions
  • Intelligent Building Technology